See here how to make an International Transfer 



  • Join the Mobile Banking application, specifically the Smart IZI App;
  • Have the requirements / data requested for the transaction.

If you have not yet joined the application, download the Smart IZI App available on the App/ Play Store of your cell phone, then select the option “Register / Subscribe” and follow the instructions.

The operation costs of this transaction are published in the Bank’s whole pricing list, please, check here.

The operation of this transaction is not in real time, it requires the validation of the reason for the transaction, as well as of the supporting documents, according to the law in force. It complies with the following service levels:



Submission day


Operation Day

Business day

Until 4:00 O’clock p.m.

D = same day

Business day

After 4:00 O’clock p.m.

D + 1 = next business day

Weekends and Holidays


D + 1 = next business day until 12:00

This operation will obey its daily transactional limit contracted for the Mobile Banking channel (whose maximum limit is 300,000.00 MZN), with no minimum limit.

Necessary documents

  • Income source (mandatory)
  • Discharge certificate (Foreigners) (mandatory)
  • Kinship Proof (optional)
  • Expenses statement (mandatory)
  • Discharge certificate (Foreigners) (mandatory)
  • Kinship Proof (optional)
  • Fee Statement (mandatory)
  • Discharge certificate (Foreigners) (mandatory)
  • Kinship Proof (optional)


SHA - allocated expenditures
Expenses at source paid by the sender and expenses at destination, paid by the beneficiary. This is the rule assumed automatically. Other options are only by statement made by the sender.
BEN - in charge of the beneficiary
All expenses are borne by the beneficiary.
OUR - paid by the sender
All expenses are borne by the sender. 
Ainda não Experimentou o novo Smart IZI?
Instale já e faça uma Transferência Internacional.

Tem o Seu Mobile Banking(IZI) Activo?
  • Se já possui o Smart IZI instalado no seu dispositivo com registo activo, basta actualizar a versão na App Store ou Play Store, fazer login e começar a navegar.
  • Se estiver a instalar o Smart IZI pela primeira vez, deverá fazer o registo na App clicando no botão “Registar” na página principal.

Ainda não tem o Mobile Banking (IZI) activo?
  • Após Instalar o Smart IZI, deverá subscrever ao Mobile Banking clicando no botão “Aderir” na página principal.
    Confira aqui os passos para a adesão ao Mobile Banking.

Faça o download da App Smart IZI e comece já a usufruir destas funcionalidades.
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