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Fast, practical, and personalised service, through a Digital customer manager

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92525 dedicated service line available 24 hours and 7 days a week

Prestige Desk

Access to Prestige branches for deposits and withdrawals

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with MTOP

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Exchange Rates
Currency Sell Buy
ZAR 3.37 3.30
USD 64.52 63.25
EUR 69.77 68.40
GBP 81.50 79.90
Interest Rates
Rate Value
LIBOR USD 3m 0.000%
PRSF 23.100%
EURIBOR 3m 3.942%
JIBAR 3m 8.367%
BT’s 3m 17.660%
FPC 19.500%
FPD 13.500%
PLR 22.750%

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