Track your current deposit account movements, loan repayment dates, credit card limits and more with alerts you receive via email or Text message (SMS).

  • Free subscription;
  • Easy-to-use;
  • Close, easy and convenient tracking of your transactions;
  • Improved security of suspicious transactions.

The alert management service allows you to send a notification via SMS and / or email whenever an event occurs.
The type of alerts you want to receive is set by you.

Visit any Millennium bim branch, subscribe to the service registration agreement and set minimum and maximum amounts for alert types. Provide the Branch with your valid mobile number and / or email.

Alert types to subscribe to

Questions and Answers

It is a solution that allows the management of alerts sent to Customers and aims to keep them informed about the state of their assets and liabilities towards the Bank.

To join visit any Millennium bim branch, subscribe to the service and indicate the types of alerts you wish to receive.

Alert for current deposit account movements, ATM balance inquiry, loan and Credit Cards repayment date.

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