• Hospitalization, inpatient care and treatment should be done in national public hospitals, suitable for the recovery of the injured person;
Assistance will be provided in the health facilities closest to the residence of the injured person, which may most adequately perform it.
If there are no medical resources in the country, as long as this is proven by a medical board, and if SIM deems it appropriate, by a doctor of their choice, the assistance may be provided abroad, whether medical, medical or hospital. and transportation or repatriation may be borne by the Insurer, if stipulated in the Special Conditions.
Following the occurrence of the work-based accident, and to ensure that the necessary urgent medical services are provided, the claim and the necessary documentation must be delivered to any Millennium bim branch.

Definitions of Terms (Questions)

  • When the subordinate worker suffers, directly or indirectly, bodily injury, functional disturbance or illness resulting in death or reduced working or earning capacity;
  • Occurring when transporting the worker to or from the workplace, in the employer’s transport.

Any clinical situation that arises within the body, whether localized or widespread, toxic or biological in nature, resulting from working activity.

​Also excluded from this Cover are activities not foreseen or excluded in the current Work Accidents legislation and exclusions provided for in the General Conditions, namely:​
• Accidents resulting from robberies, strikes, riots, acts of terrorism and sabotage, rebellion, insurrection and revolution;
• Arrival costs to disembark the injured person. Fines the policyholder is liable for as a result of failure to comply with legal provisions.
• Accidents that result from the claimant being under the influence, intoxication, use of drugs or narcotics (when the policyholder or his representative is aware of being in such state).

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