These are banking transactions involving credit institutions from different countries that allow the movement of funds between accounts in any currency.



  • Originator’s account number (account to debit);
  • Amount to be transferred and currency;
  • Reason for the operation / nature of transaction.
  • Beneficiary's name, address, country and account number.
  • Branch SWIFT code (International Communications Network);
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number);
  • Bank Name, Address and Country;   

For requested and authorized orders, the following service level is guaranteed:

  • Requests up to 12:00PM, delivery of funds to the beneficiary's bank on the same day (D);
  • Orders after 12:00PM, delivery of funds to the beneficiary’s bank on the following day.

For the transaction types the following service level is guaranteed:

  • 1 working day for processing of payment orders received for Millennium bim clients.
  • 2 working days for processing of payment orders received for clients with accounts domiciled in other credit institutions .

In order to apply for your payment order, visit a Millennium bim branch.

Financial charges for the issued Payment Order execution have their commissions and fees published in the Bank's Schedule of charges and they focus on:

  • Commissions on the transferred amount;
  • Millennium bim operating expenses and, in some cases, from the corresponding bank.

Mandatory Documents

  • Client Instruction.
  • Commercial invoice.
  • Single import document.
  • Transport document
  • Client Instruction;
  • Invoice or other justification;
  • Proof of the originator’s source of income (if circumstances prove necessary). 
  • Client Instruction;
  • Private Capital Export Bulletin (BECP). 


This service is also available to non-Millennium bim clients and is processed by a cashier or a transfer to Other Credit Institutions (ICO).


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