Banking service for collection of a set of commercial documents (which generally convey ownership of goods) and/or financial documents collected from abroad.

Advantages for the importer

Advantages for the exporter


Simple collections: Consisting of financial documents only.

Documentary Collection: Consisting of documents with or without financial documents.

  • Documents against payment;
  • Documents Against Acceptance;
  • Documents Against Acceptance and Payment;
  • Documents Against Acceptance and Bank Guarantee;
  • Documents Against Written Payment Commitment.

To apply for a documentary collection, visit a Millennium bim branch.

This solution is free of charge. The financial charges that make up the solution have their commissions and fees published in the Bank's Schedule of charges.

Documentary collections

Millennium bim receives from the Foreign Bank, on a collection system, the necessary documents for obtaining goods imported by its Client (importer). Delivery of such documents to the importing client shall be in accordance with instructions received from the transferor Bank.

When Importers take possession of the documents that make part of an import collection, may proceed to customs clearance of the goods.

Millennium bim, at the request of its Client (exporter), sends the documents required for collection to the foreign bank, which will be delivered to the importer in accordance with the instructions of the vendor (Exporting Client).

There are also RDEXs that can consist of only one Letter, to be accepted by the importer and later collection, with the Bank of the buyer (foreign bank). Still others consist of foreign cheques or collection with the Foreign Bank.

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