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Beneficiaries are indicated by the Client or if not indicated these are considered the legal heirs.

If the Policyholder dies during the first 2 years of the contract, the beneficiaries receive the premiums paid. If they die after the first 2 years, the beneficiaries only receive the contracted sum following the payment of two annuities.

The client only pays premiums up to 85 years of age and you the contract sum cannot be updated or reduced after reaching the age of 60.


For Example: A Client aged 30 to 35 - Option A pays a monthly premium of 21.03 MT.

Guaranteed Capital
Guaranteed Capital
6.000,00 MT
12.500,00 MT
25.500,00 MT
50.000,00 MT


Insurance that is aimed at guaranteeing the susceptible risks that the person may be affected by, in their life, health or physical integrity.

It is defined as a sudden, fortuitous, unforeseen and abnormal event, due to the action of an external cause and against the will of the Policyholder, Insured or Beneficiary.

Document that holds the Insurance agreement between the Policyholder and the Insurer, which contains the respective general and special, if any, agreed conditions and particulars.

Price due by the Policyholder to the Insurer in return for the obligation assumed by the Insurer to pay compensation or to provide certain capital in the event of a claim related to the risk covered.

An event or series of events provided for in the Insurance agreement, the verification of which allows the policy guarantees to be triggered as set forth therein.

Amount that, in the event of a claim, shall be borne by the policyholder and stipulated in the Policy.

They are situations / risks that insurance does not cover, which are exempt from Cover.

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