Rui Nelson Moreira de Carvalho Maximino
Interim President
Graduated in Business Management from the Faculty of Economics of Porto (FEP), with a Top Management Program from AESE Business School in Lisbon, he started his professional career activity in 1993, in the investment banking area, at CISF-Companhia de Investimento e Serviços Financeiros (now Millennium Investment), where he took part in the structuring and financing of most of the large infrastructure projects developed in Portugal between 1995 and 2005, in addition to participating in several M&A, Corporate Finance, Project Finance and capital markets operations. From 2005 onwards, he integrated and led the Foreign Business Support with the responsibility of monitoring the international operations of the BCP Group. Between 2010 and 2013, he worked as CFO at Millennium bank in Greece, as well as Non-Executive Director at Millennium bank in Turkey. From 2013 to 2016, he was the COO, first at Millennium bank in Romania and then at Milllennium Banque Privée in Switzerland. From 2016, he was in charge of the Retail Recovery Department of BCP in Portugal.
Liliana Marisa da Catoja da Costa Lemos
Executive director
Graduated in Economics at Eduardo Mondlane University and Postgraduate in Business Management and Administration at ISCTE Business School (Portugal) in partnership with ISPU – Universidade a Politécnica.
Since 2015, Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Millennium bim (Mozambique), Liliana Marisa Catoja da Costa Lemos, began her professional career as Senior Analyst of the Credit and Syndication Unit of BIM Investimentos SARL in 1999, having also worked in partial as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics at UEM. And she did an internship in the areas of Corporate Finance and Capital Markets at Millennium BCP Investimento in 2008. In the Millennium BCP Group since 1999, she was appointed Deputy Director of Investment Banking in 2004 and in 2010 Director of Credit at Millennium bim.
José Artur Gouveia Coelho Caetano
Executive director
Graduated in Banking Management from ISGB, he has training in Internal Control in Banking from Católica Lisbon Business & Economics, Advanced Training in Risk Management from IFB and Internal Control and Audit, IPAI, Audit for Internal Auditors from KPMG.
Since 2020, Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Millennium bim (Mozambique), José Artur Gouveia Coelho Caetano began his career in 1989 as a Technician in the Operations Department and in 1992 he was part of the Support Office for the Bank's Board of Directors Comercial Português, SA. In the Millennium BCP Group since 1989, he was appointed in 2000 Deputy Director, was at Cidadebcp, Systems and Telemarketing Department, Contact Center Department, Direct Banking Department at Millennium BCP and already in Mozambique Commercial Director in 2011 and Coordinating Director of the commercial networks of Private Banking, Prestige and Companies in 2013.
Dr. José Artur Caetano
Albino António de Carneiro de Andrade
Executive director
Degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of Porto and an MBA from the IESF at the Institute of Higher Financial and Tax Studies.
Since 2020, Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Millennium bim (Mozambique), Albino António Carneiro Andrade began his career in the financial sector in 1987 as a technician in the financial, organization and management of human resources at Banco Português do Atlântico, SA Where in 1989 he was appointed Business Segment Manager, 1991 Director of the Direct Marketing and Research Department and in 1998 he was appointed Director – Linha Atlântico (Telefónica Banking). He held the position of Director at Credibanco of Banco de Crédito Pessoas, SA in 1998. In the Millennium BCP Group since 2000, he was appointed in 2006 Vice-President of the Surveillance Council of Banque BPC, SAS (France).
Sérgio Quintas Vieira da Silva Magalhães
Executive director

Postgraduate course for Operational Directors and training in the area of Corporate Governance, Degree in Information Systems Engineering from Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Master's Degree in Information Management from Faculdade de Engenharia do Porto (curricular component). Since 2024, Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Millennium bim (Mozambique). With a background in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, he joined the banking industry through Banco Português do Atlântico (BPA) as a programmer (1990) and Analyst-Programmer (1994). Through ServiBanca (linked to the BCP group), he was responsible for implementing commercial and operational support applications for branches (1997-1998). As a Millennium BCP employee, between 1998 and 2024, he was Area Director for: a) Digital Channels Development and b) Digital Transformation Office; and Director of the Departments of: a) Internet, Mobile and Branch Applications Development, and b) Multidomestic Competence Centre for Branch and Intranet Applications Development.

 Eng.º Sérgio Magalhães
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