Drinking Water in Tete and Niassa

Millennium bim has inaugurated two more wells that will ensure quality water supplies to the communities of Furancungo and Mandimba districts in Tete and Niassa provinces respectively, helping rural people who often have to travel several kilometres looking for water sources.

Inauguration of another fountain in Sofala

Contributing to Mozambique's social and economic growth and development is part of the Bank's positioning, working daily on the development of products and services that meet the needs of the population.

Bringing water to those without this valuable natural resource in Buzi district has reinforced Millennium bim's commitment to the country.
Inauguration of fountain in Tete

Millennium bim constructed a fountain in Domué, Tete province, to solve the problem of hundreds of families who had to travel long distances to get water. Several drums were distributed for the transportation and conservation of the water collected from the fountain.

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